At the heart of everything we do is a team of talented individuals. Multi-disciplined, passionate and versatile, we approach each challenge with a perfect blend of creative flair and rigorous project management. And the key to success is collaboration. We make it our job to understand our customers’ needs. From proposal stage and concept design through to project management and delivery, we work hand in hand with them.

We write their success story together. Our goal is to create and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Meet Creative & Example

A unique double-act, they personify our core values. Creative is all about ideas and concepts, while Example is the nuts and the bolts. Creative dreams things up. Example makes them happen.

After all, every good story needs some fantasy. And more than a little bit of careful plotting. Together our Superheroes can achieve anything. Fearless and charismatic, Creative thinks he can conquer the world. But without his sidekick – Example – his boundless energy and limitless imagination can come unstuck. A reality check from the deep thinker ensures that solutions are sustainable, reliable and sensible! They work.

Creative and Example exemplify the Yin and the Yang of our business.

The CE Team
ISO Certification

Creative Example is certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 27001: 2013.

Our Clients
Flashback - Our History

Creative Example was launched in 2010, when Ben Tompkins (Creative Director) began his own creative design and web development startup, working with emerging brands in Northamptonshire.

As the plot developed, Craig Castell (Managing Director) and Gareth Waughington (Innovations Director) joined Ben, bringing their expertise across a range of digital and experiential production disciplines.

Fast forward and Creative Example is committed to remaining at the forefront of digital technology and design techniques. Developing specialisms in many new directions, CE is always ready to rewrite the script and respond to the challenges that customers present. To create, innovate and communicate.

CE customers in the UK and beyond include high street fashion brands, rail industry suppliers, education providers and health care companies, as well as local family-run businesses.

We help customers develop a distinctive voice in their marketplace and ultimately drive results.